6 pc. Koa Dining Set

Koa Dining Set starting at $14,990. Price will vary depending on size and chair design. $14,990 is based on 72”x 32” tapered leg table with four chairs (2 designs to choose from) and 60” x 12” bench.


We will work with you regarding size, table design and chair design with photos and details to create a custom quote for the perfect dining set for you. Custom orders are 25% deposition confirm your order. Balance plus any applicable shipping due upon completion. *If you are placing an order with the 25% deposit option, please choose STORE PICKUP as your shipping choice at this time. Shipping costs will be due with your balance upon completion. **Pay in Full option: INTER-ISLAND HAWAI’I SHIPPING CALCULATED AT CHECKOUT. FOR US MAINLAND SHIPPING-***Additional shipping charges will apply. Shipping cost charged at checkout will be applied to your total calculated shipping charge. Please inquire to LewisKoaCo@gotkoa.com for shipping quote. Typically shipping freight to the 48 states will be $1200 -$1500.

6 pc. Koa Dining Set

  • Custom made to order, 7 piece solid Koa Dining Set starting from $14,990. Price wil vary depending on size, table and chair design.

    25% down option available on custom orders.

    Please inquire to LewisKoaCo@aol.com shipping cost. Local Pickup Available.