Aaron Lewis has an interest in woodwork that reaches back to 1997 at his grandmother in-laws home in Keaukaha,HI. There he saw and was instantly enchanted by an early 1950's living room set made of Koa and the heritage story tutu had told him about it. He was astound by the beauty of the wood and the craftsmanship of the early craftsman. He knew then he wanted to furnish his own home in as much Koa as possible. Aaron accumulated a wealth of knowledge about woodworking and Koa through an indefinite amount of time with hands on experience, many visits to Hilo Public Library and the vast information found on the Internet. It completely intrigued him.


Aaron crafts a wide variety of Koa furniture and home decor. His works range from home decor accents, one of a kind pieces, to large furniture. Aaron has been given the opportunity to meet and build pieces for many interesting people across the globe. Including Hawaii's small and large business owners, CEO's of American businesses,high ranking officials of the U.S., and working several interior designers. His pieces can be found in many private collections. He's furnished entire homes for such clients from Dining Sets to trash canisters and everything in between. He states " I strive off of hearing my over joyed client's positive feedback when they've received their piece from me".


Aaron runs a one man 1000 sq. ft. shop in Kea'au,Hawaii. Every piece is built, sanded by and finished exclusively himself. Aaron mostly builds pieces in well known traditional Hawaiian and early American designs, contemporary, and Asian influenced. Aaron designs majority of the furniture he builds. Many times pieces are a thought or vision starting from a sketch. He especially enjoys working with an idea or rough sketch from the client themselves. Taking their vision, and creating the beautiful custom piece they had strived for. Aaron claims "my favorite work is a challenge of something I've never done or truly unique to the client I am working with". He takes a pride in constructing durable furniture built to last generations. When asked what he does for a living, his simple reply " I don't work, I have fun". Aaron works mostly with Koa, however on occasion also works with Milo,Kou,Mango and Island Pine. The finish Aaron applies to his pieces are applied with a diligence to perfection. Each piece is foremost sealed to protect the wood. Then, several coats of a lacquer or oil finish is applied. "Not only must each piece look good, it must feel good" Aaron states to describe his finishing technique.With Aaron's work one can be assured each piece is unique and finely handcrafted with individual attention to quality and detail.


Aaron is a member of the Big Island Woodturner's Club, the local chapter of the American Association of Woodturners. He served as club treasurer in 2010 and is currently on the board of directors. Within the club he's received a few awards which have advanced him into the "Master's" level of the club. Aaron's work can be found at galleries throughout the islands and Mainland.


When Aaron is not having fun in his shop, he enjoys fishing and enjoying his family. Aaron resides in Kea'au,Hawaii with his wife,and two young children.

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