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Curly Koa Paddle (CKP060)

*Due to the length, shipping does cost more to ship compared to our 48-54" paddles.


Beautiful handcrafted Koa Paddle for your Island Decor.

Our LewisKoa Company "Traditional" paddle design is inspired by the old time paddles of ancient Hawaiian times.

One Koa mount included on request. Additional Koa wall mounts also available for vertical and horizontal display. One mount needed for vertical display, 2 for horizontal/angled display. Handcrafted on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Curly Koa Paddle (CKP060)

Out of Stock
  • Premium Curly Koa Paddle.

    Stunning shades of rich golds with extreme shimmering curly figure emerges from this paddle. Approximately 60” L.

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