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Moonrise Shell + Koa Necklace
Beautiful Hawaiian Moonrise shell with Koa bead necklace. 
We hand select the most premium quality Sunrise (and rare Moonrise) shells for our necklaces. Vibrant colors with well defined ridges and curvature. 
18” gold filled chain.
Moonrise seashell measures approximately 7/8” x 7/8”. A moonrise shell of this color and quality is very rare. 

Our new Mauka to Makai jewelry collection combines these amazing sunrise shells from the sea with our Koa beads from the land. 

These beauties are endemic to Hawai‘i and only found in waters surrounding the islands. Each shell is one of a kind. Sunrise and Moonrise shells are one of the most treasured and colorful shell found in Hawai’i. Typically they are found by diving 30’-100’ deep. Our diver never retrieves a live specimen.

Beautifully presented in white gift box.

Moonrise Shell + Koa Necklace

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