It provides for a richness of life that is uniquely Hawaiian.
The Koa is a treasure in the forest.
Koa Canes

Own a beautiful piece of woodwork and also a piece of Hawaiian Tradition. Our Koa products and furniture, by LewisKoa Co. are handcrafted with the upmost craftsmanship and detail. We hand select only the highest quality Koa .

New- Solid Hawaiian Koa Wood Cane


Koa Cane


Curly Koa Cane

From $225.00

How to measure your needed cane length:

You need the help of another person -- stand normally, in your walking shoes, and the other person will mark on a vertical surface (like a wall or a yardstick) where your wrist naturally falls when pretending to hold a cane. The distance from your wrist to the floor is the approximate length of a cane for that hand. Err on the side of too long rather than too short! I would add about a 1/2 inch, just to be safe.

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